Innovative Thinking with Tony Greenberg

Tony Greenberg is an investor, operator and driver of transparency. Partner in $60b + exits from Internet to blockchain who is currently working on healing, AI, decentralizing, blockchain tech, cryptocurrency infrastructure, cost of compute software, cost containment, and sourcing IT.


To truly make a difference you have to focus on how your business is working to create efficiencies, both technically and environmentally and move away from the business models of yesterday.
The more data you have and the more data you manage will help to work on technologies that can drive a direct effect on the lowering of costs all around, but it also requires some out of the box thinking for any advancement.   
Having the passion, the correct fundimental belief system and ability to share your vision are all well and good, but you have to surround yourself with responsive people who share them. 
The old adage “No man is an island” is of ultimate importance when being a CEO.



‘There seems to be an emotion around the millennial sub and minus community that says that they’re building these companies that many of them don’t have boards. That they’re doing this to create impact the universe or let’s change the world . I don’t want you to change the world, I want you to make the world better.’

‘I used to think I knew everything. Now I know I know nothing, except my own businesses.’

‘You gotta get a who to go-to, and sometimes that’s me.’

‘ I want pedal to the metal and I want  not see people starve, but  see people continue to follow through on their commitment to their shareholders.’



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How do you grow like a VC backed company without taking on investors? Do you want to create a lifestyle business, a performance business or an empire? How do you scale to an exit without losing your freedom?
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This show has featured Startup and Billion Dollar Founders, Best Selling Authors, and the World’s Top Sales and Marketing Experts like Terry Jones (Founder of Travelocity and Chairman of Kayak), Andrew Gazdecki (Founder of Microacquire), Harpaul Sambhi (Founder of Magical with a previous exit to Linkedin) and many more.

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Ryan is a Founder, Podcast Host, Speaker, Loving Father, Husband and Dog Dad. He is a 18x award winner and grew a business unit from 0-$30M in Annual Recurring Revenue while he adding $30M in capital revenue in less than 6 years.  He did this all with only 4 sales people and without demand generation.  

Whether you are a new Founder,  VP or CEO who is already generating  6, 7 or even multiple 8 figures annually, you are going to gain knowledge about sales you didn’t know existed.



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