How to Save Your Sales Reps 10+ Hours Every Week | Steve Benson CEO of BadgerMaps

Ryan interviews Steve Benson, CEO and founder of Badger Maps, the number 1 routing and mapping app for field sales teams. They discuss Steve’s journey in building Badger Maps to $6 million in ARR and how referrals are the company’s biggest source of new business. Steve shares the framework he uses to maximize referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Drawing on insights from working with over 4,100 sales teams, Steve reveals the #1 consistent problem across teams and the biggest opportunity for improvement!

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  • Referrals are Badger Maps’ biggest driver of new business due to their focus on serving salespeople who naturally share recommendations.
  • To maximize referrals, reward both referrers (e.g. gift cards) and referees (e.g. extended trials), make asking easy for all customer-facing roles, and track metrics.
  • The #1 problem Steve sees working with 4,100+ sales teams is not leveraging best practices and knowledge sharing across team members.
  • Sales leaders should facilitate bite-sized internal training sessions where team members share specialized processes and methods with their peers.
  • Badger Maps saves field sales reps 5-10 hours per week by optimizing routing and planning to reduce drive time between meetings.
  • Technology enables today’s sales reps to achieve 3x the productivity compared to manual processes.
  • Most sales teams underutilize the array of technologies available to free up time and scale reach.


“If you make [salespeople] happy, they will spread the word for you to their friends and people they work with.”

“Someone in the organization knows like there’s a team of 30 sales reps and someone knows how to do that really well. But that knowledge isn’t shared across the organization very well.”

“Have Jessica from Tulsa explain to the rest of the team how she’s doing this really smart thing that she’s doing.

“You can make one guy into three guys really with the right kinds of tools.”

“I would guess thousands of [sales teams] over the years…I’ve worked with in different capacities.”

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