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Two-time founder and current VC investor Harpinder (Harpi) Singh joins Ryan in this episode. His firm, Innovation Endeavors was co-founded by the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt and they have invested in many companies including Uber. Harpi gives the interesting insights he has gained at a macro level of the start-up scene and talks about what you can do to make yourself more attractive for funding in the current climate. If you are looking at funding or just want to know what’s happening in the start-up space, particularly around the utilisation of AI this is an episode not to miss!

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  • Harpi met his founding team at Standford, sold 6 ½ years later, building another start-up which he then also sold.
  • Having two to three founders appears to be the sweet spot for success for start-ups.
  • As a start-up, you’re in a race against time to find product market fit and go-to-market and you want to try and do this as quickly as possible with the lowest cost. If you can focus on the right KPIs this can aid you with both things.
  • The toolkit that is available now to start-ups just got 10x bigger and better. They are now able to utilise AI and associated technologies faster and more effectively due to their agility and ability to take on more risks.
  • Chat GPT releasing an enterprise-specific AI will have a large impact on the marketplace, especially alongside Microsoft and Google releasing their own too.
  • If you’re an enterprise, you really need AI software that is end-to-end so you aren’t having to add the complexity of merging tools.
  • Harpi’s top 3 tips for a company to be highly investable is to create a must-have product. Be vigilant about the feedback you get back from the market and only act based on it.
  • Founding in an economic downturn doesn’t have to be difficult it has its own unique opportunities such as being able to hire easily.


“With new data and compute you are able to come up with automation, with decisions making that’s much faster”

“The fundamental advantage start-up companies have is the speed up iteration”

“Almost every founder I talk to says they wish they had a co-founder”

“People are using AI to give super powers to their people”

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