How to Leverage LinkedIn for Revenue with Mike Montague of Sandler Training

Mike Montague is a fellow podcaster, author and the director of community at Sandler Training. He joins Ryan to talk about how he got started in marketing and his book as well as giving many online marketing tips for various platforms including LinkedIn and YouTube and also reveals the number one reason people don’t listen to your podcast!


  • Mike was gifted with computers at a young age, he was programming from 8th grade!
  • Mike got into internet marketing after creating and hosting a successful internet radio station in the mid to late 00s.
  • You need to create forward-looking profiles, talking about who you want to speak to and attract and talk about the problems you solve, making your profile outwardly focus rather than simply about you and your services.
  • You can demonstrate your experience in a variety of ways such as hosting events and creating valuable content.
  • People can get too focused on getting more followers and likes but what matters is what you are doing with the audience you already have, are you serving them well and getting good engagement?
  • Stop putting things off and waiting for perfection, just get yourself out there and build consistency in all you do.


“When I was young, so was the internet”

“There are things you can to do build your credibility but it’s not what you think”

“Everybody moves too fast, it’s the hard work you actually do that builds a business”

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