How to Grow Your Niche Podcast to 1 Million Listeners Using AI with Jaeden Schafer of AI Box

Join Ryan in this episode as he interviews AI expert Jaeden Schafer on how he leveraged chatGPT to rapidly grow his AI podcast to over 1 million listens! They dive into the controversial implications of AI-generated content and Jaeden’s unique growth strategies for standing out on social media. Don’t miss his exclusive tips on launching multiple niche podcasts simultaneously to determine the best niche.

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  • Launch multiple niche podcasts at once, with keyword names, to identify the best niche through organic performance
  • Use AI tools like AnswerThePublic and ChatGPT to generate endless episode ideas and scripts
  • Grow an engaged audience on one platform first before expanding
  • Partner with influencers in your niche to cross-promote once you have authority
  • Focus on the social platforms you naturally use rather than trying to force new ones


I started 10 podcasts, not episodes, but like full blown podcast channels in whatever that niches and I gave them all a one word keyword name.”

“You just direct your own movie and it will just throw it all together with the actors you pick.”

“I actually had podcasts with like 100% AI generated content and multiple got over 100,000 listens on them.”

“At the end of the day, like going to a conference has its own value for networking, but I might just want to sit on my couch.”

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