How to Get Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Down to Just $15! With Jason Cozens, Founder and CEO of Fintech Company, Glint

Jason is the founder and CEO of Glint, which enables gold as a currency. They have over 104 thousand registered users across 200 countries, have completed over half a billion in transactions to date and are set to grow to 100million in revenue in the next 3 years!

Jason talks through his journey to founding fintech company Glint, how Glint has managed to create just a $15 cost to acquire customers and how you can leverage his principles in your own business.


  • Unlike many companies in the fintech space, Glint has embraced the regulations and worked with them to reach as many clients as possible.
  • Growth for Glint doesn’t just come from acquiring new customers but also by building additional revenue streams.
  • Gold is about reliability, so once you have built the trust and relationship with the customer they generally don’t leave or move from your company.
  • One of the elements Jason attributes to successfully innovating the financial services industry is that he was outside of it; he could see clearly what could change.
  • It was when working through the financial crashes of recent history that Jason discovered how weak the banking system and currency were. This influenced his progression into working with gold in the digital world.
  • It would have been easy for Glint to just be a peer-to-peer system, but Jason wanted it to be a real utility, which is why following all regulations and integrating with MasterCard was essential.
  • Algorithms can deliver low-hanging fruit to you if you have a big enough audience to market to. Customer acquisition becomes more expensive the more targeted you are.


 “Glint is a solution for everyone…you can buy as little as 1 cent on our platform”

“Revenue per client is increasing each month, as customers’ confidence increases in our platform”

“When you put the money in the bank is ceases to exist”

“I had no idea how I was going to do it at the time, but that was my apple moment”

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