How to Gain Rapid Funding for a Start-Up with Ryan Buick, Co-founder of Canvas App

Ryan is joined by Ryan Buick, co-founder of Canvas app. He talks through the hyper-short process he used to get funding from one of the largest VCs in the world. Ryan also explains how he and his team are democratising the need to transform your data into measurable business results alongside solving the many problems of a data-backed world.


  • Founder sales, investor intros, and creating a highly personalised network are part of Canvas’ main go-to-market strategy.
  • Creating inbound leads via content also forms part of Canvas’ growth strategy.
  • Canvas connects directly to businesses existing tools, saving companies both money and effort.
  • It’s essential to continue learning as a start-up founder, constantly thinking one step ahead, and anticipating what both your customer’s and your investor’s wants and needs will be.
  • Ryan is conscious of working with the best and most advanced data tools but whilst doing so, simplifying the processes. Creating a product that solves a multitude of pain points for their customers.
  • The data market is currently quite saturated, Ryan believes that there is going to be a change coming and only those companies who offer something truly unique, with great product market fit, will survive.


 “It’s all lip service until you start actually getting people to pay for it”

“Most people are still going to rely on spreadsheet skills”

“They have all the data they need but they aren’t leveraging the insights they have”

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