How to Create Strategic Byproducts for Growth

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Today, I’m sharing with you something that I learned strictly by taking action. This wasn’t a situation where I was pondering or researching to try and find answers to my problems, but this take away happened because I was taking action.

What I am talking about is creating strategic byproducts. Now, when this happened to me, I didn’t actually get the results I was looking for. I actually made quantum leaps in my business in a fraction of the time.

A strategic byproduct is a term used by Dan Sullivan and he defines it as an unintended byproduct of taking actions on another front.

My strategic byproduct happened as a result of me wanting to serve the market in a different way. I shifted my business model and had to stop doing what was working in order to serve people at a higher level.

In the book, Quantum Leap by Price Pritchett, he lists out some common traps that can inhibit our growth:

“The more of the same trap” – reliance on trying harder rather than trying differently.

  • The Faith in the Familiar Trap – relying on your usual routines for success.
  • The What isn’t Seen Isn’t There Trap
  • The You Have To Do It All By Yourself Trap
  • The Playing It Safe Trap
  • The Choosing the Wrong Risk Trap
  • The passivity Trap – wishing for what you want instead of pursuing what you want
  • The Failures Aren’t Allowed Trap – the unwillingness to make mistakes, interpreting problems as proof that you should give up and quit, ,
  • The Perfect Timing Trap – waiting for the right circumstances

4 Strategic Byproducts that came out of my business shift:

  1. Created 2 new partnerships from being on Clubhouse for an hour.
  2. My messaging wasn’t hitting the market right – closed the gap between my message and the results I was getting.
  3. Learned more about my market in a week than in the previous year.
  4. I am not afraid to test anymore.

Failure findings = leveraged learning.

I can try 10 new things and 9 of them won’t work, but one of them will. So, I will double down on the one thing that works and then find 9 new ways to try something. Then rinse and repeat!

The Quantum Leap Strategy by Price Pritchett