How to 10X Your Startup’s Growth | RevOps Explained with Cliff Simon CRO of Carabiner Group

Ryan interviews Cliff Simon, co-founder and CRO of Carabiner Group, about the concept of Revenue Operations. Simon provides tactical advice on implementing RevOps using real examples from his career scaling multiple start-ups. Learn how RevOps helps drive growth through data, customer journey mapping, and ecosystem-led strategies. He also shares his system for booking over 80 meetings a month through communities to drive pipeline!

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  • Implement RevOps early in your start-up journey to capture key data on customer journeys to inform strategic decisions as you scale.
  • RevOps helps govern data, identify target customers, improve customer retention, and prepare for future fundraising or exit opportunities.
  • Approach communities by adding value to others first without expecting anything in return to build relationships and organically spread brand awareness.
  • Consistency in showing up and engaging personally and authentically both online and offline drives referrals and new business opportunities over time.
  • In-person events and word-of-mouth referrals are powerful during economic uncertainty when other lead sources dry up.
  • Focus on building a profitable business with retained earnings versus over-relying on outside capital to grow unsustainably.


“If this is the thing that’s going to unlock your business, why wouldn’t you invest there? It’s not a cost centre.”

“I can think back to one specific call when we were doing a CRO school…that one conversation led to five customers because people hit up, hit me up after the fact.”

“It’s got to be all of the appropriate pieces coming together, whether that’s the right pieces of technology, the right service providers, the right talent inside of an organisation.”

“I still think that’s like pretty far across the chasm for a lot of folks, but it’s coming and it’s coming faster than I think any of us anticipated it coming.”

“We all as human beings crave authentic, interpersonal relationships and you can’t, you can’t get that from an AI.”

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