How Having a Show Can Change Your Life

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I started a podcast about two-and-a-half years ago. I stopped after only eight episodes, however, because it involved too much time and effort.

Now, I know that there are ways that you can outsource a podcast at a low cost and have a lot of the production work, including the editing and the posting done for you. So all you need to do is come up with something creative. Then show up, talk, and create value for your audience.

About ninety percent of podcasts stop after ninety days. I am on episode 76 of my current podcast. I have been doing it for about seven or eight months now, and I have met the most amazing people!

Last week, I met the Chairman and the CEO of the fastest-growing company in Chicago. I met the CEO and marketing head of the fastest-growing platform in SAAS right now. I met the founder of multiple companies that led to a 1.8 billion dollar exit. And new customer opportunities have popped up on top of that too in the last week! I’m talking about Tres Comas. It has transformed the way I am thinking. 

Leveraging a show provides relationship opportunities, revenue opportunities, and partnership opportunities. 

Leveraging a show will expand your brand and your legacy. At the same time, it will transform the way you think. (It did that for me.)

In the eighty’s, when Tony Robbins was not yet a well-known name, he mastered NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). Eventually, his status and results got to the point where he made an agreement with the Army. ‘

The shooters in the Army had a massive failure rate. Tony Robbins claimed that he could get the worst shooters to hit an 80% success rate by working with them for just one day. So, he spent a few hours with the best of the best shooters, looking at how they were doing things and reverse-engineered that. 

He looked at three things:

  1. What they did specifically, piece-by-piece.
  2. The order in which they executed the things they did.
  3. What they believed. (Most people do not look at their belief patterns.)

Tony Robbins got close to an 88% success rate with those who were failing their shooting test! 

Imagine if you had a show. And you were constantly getting inside the heads of people with different views and different perspectives who were exponentially more successful than you. Can you imagine what it would do for your business if you could understand their beliefs around what made them successful and happy, what they did at the micro level, and the order in which they did it? Can you imagine what that would do for you?   

60% of people only use social media for the news. 

The people you surround yourself with correlate directly with your opportunities to grow as a person. And to grow your brand, your company, and your influence. And also to make the impact on the world that you want to make. Having a show is the best way to do that. 

Imagine how many people could get your message or how many people could benefit from your solution if they knew about it. You could be serving your audience by helping them understand that.