Harnessing AI to Drive ROI in Go-to-Market with Andy Jolls Principal at Roxology LLC

Ryan sits down with Andy Jolls of Roxology, to discuss the groundbreaking impact of AI on go-to-market strategies. As a 25-year executive and full-stack marketer, Andy shares his insights on how generative AI is revolutionizing content creation, data analytics, and personalization. Listen in to discover how you can harness the power of AI to drive unprecedented growth and stay ahead of the curve!

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  • Generative AI is solving the problem of the blank page, enabling marketers to create high-quality content at an unprecedented pace, resulting in 5x ROI in just a few months.
  • AI-powered data analytics is transforming the way companies gain insights from vast amounts of data, making it easier to identify target audiences and optimize strategies.
  • AI-assisted email is set to become more competitive, pushing marketers to embrace personalization through imagery and video to stand out.
  • Search engine optimization is evolving as generative search experiences like Google’s SGE gain traction, requiring marketers to adapt their content strategies.
  • Embracing AI as a thought partner rather than just a solution tool can help tackle GTM problems in innovative ways, leading to breakthrough results.
  • AI is enhancing the creation of images, voices, and videos, enabling marketers to create more engaging and personalized content at scale.
  • AI avatars and clones may become more prevalent, allowing individuals who are uncomfortable with direct exposure to still participate in content creation and thought leadership.
  • Integrating AI into existing workplace stacks, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, can streamline adoption and unlock powerful use cases for go-to-market teams.


“I think what we saw on go to market was sort of the natural place to start with, like the lowest hanging fruit, the fruit that was like laying on the ground, rotting, like it’s so, it’s such low hanging fruit, right?”

“Half the reason why people are not using it before is just not being able to wrap their mind around how to use it, how to prioritize what to use and, and like what specific use cases. And then at the same time, like emotionally deconstruct, like how, how big this is and how important it is.”

“I think once you know, and, and I think open AI gets credit for this, once they could actually put this into a UX that it was pretty easy for people to do and see the results and the models worked well enough, the data sets were big enough. We had enough parameters in the data and it could work fast, the output could be pretty good.”

“We’re swimming in data but trying to get insights out of that data is actually really difficult. So, on the marketing side, we could use these for surveys and not just sort of quantitative surveys, but the tools will actually help you analyze all of your open-ended survey questions. It’s quite good at that.”

The data is the oil in this or maybe even the enriched uranium. Like it is a precious, precious piece of this equation. And Google has the most.”

“I think there’s an opportunity there to get better and I think AI is going to help with all of that.”

“You need to take the time and you need to change your view of this from I think like from a solution tool to a thought partner tool and realize like it’s going to actually just be on a journey with you.”

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