GPT Store and GPT for Teams: A Complete Review

Ryan dives into the brand-new releases from both the new GPT store and ChatGPT for Teams. He test drives new tools like Consensus for academic research, VideoGPT for generating videos, and GPT Finder for discovering the best language models. Though impressed by some offerings, Ryan spots monetization and quality control issues that could hamper adoption but still believes the Teams release will convince many businesses to fully embrace AI, particularly given the enhanced security and dedicated workspaces!

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  • Consensus summarizes academic papers relevant to prompts, but requires signing up for a paid account, showing how third-parties may use the GPT store for lead gen.
  • VideoGPT generates animated videos from text prompts but quality needs refinement based on Ryan’s test video of a “dad bod” outrunning friendly GPT bots.
  • Discovery tools like GPT Finder promise to uncover top language models but failed to deliver helpful results in Ryan’s first hands-on attempt.
  • Monetization and quality control are unclear for the GPT store, though mining user data for training seems a priority over profits currently.
  • GPT for Teams offers enhanced security, custom models, and data privacy assurances lacking in consumer ChatGPT.
  • Dedicated workspaces and role-based access controls make the Teams release enterprise-ready for rigorous compliance needs.
  • The “no training on customer data” pledge may convince companies to embrace AI despite lingering ethical concerns.
  • Upsell prompts show insights and analytics features require the Enterprise tier, hinting at sales funnel tactics ahead.


“It takes you to consensus which is the designer of this and it takes you to their website and it’s kind of like blurred out.”

“The title of the video is dad bod versus GPT which I thought was the absolute amazing video.”

“There’s a whole other section as you see over here on security and privacy.”

“Sometimes you just need to work with it a little bit. That’s what happened on the research side with pulling up the papers.”

“I could see OpenAI doing the same thing because as it’s set up right now it’s not a pay per use model is really open source.”

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