From Zero to 25k Users with $0 Marketing Budget with Eric Xiao Founder of Laxis

In this episode, Ryan interviews Eric Xiao, founder and CEO of Laxis, an AI assistant for revenue teams. They discuss Eric’s journey from software engineer to investor to founder, and how he has grown Laxis to over 25,000 users and 3,000 organizations with almost no marketing budget. Eric explains his go-to-market strategy of partnerships, marketplaces, SEO, and referral programs. They also talk about trends in AI productivity tools, challenges in fundraising and hiring, and opportunities to eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks for revenue professionals with AI.

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  • Eric grew Laxis to 25k users with no marketing budget through partnerships, SEO, marketplaces, and referral programs.
  • Getting early exposure through Product Hunt led to a partnership with Cisco that gave significant credibility.
  • Free cloud credits from Google and Microsoft start-up programs enabled partnerships with AppSumo.
  • AI can save revenue teams 5+ hours per week by automating notetaking, data entry, and other repetitive tasks.
  • The future of productivity AI lies in specialized agents for outreach, coaching, research, scheduling, and more.
  • AI agents need to become more accessible before mass adoption can occur.
  • Leveraging AI thoughtfully can eliminate soul-sucking work and empower revenue teams.


“We have over 25,000 active users from over 3,000 organizations.”

“At Cisco Live I was invited as a guest speaker. Our logo and Cisco’s were together on a billboard on Highway 101.”

“AI can easily save sales reps time taking notes and filling the CRM. That alone saves 5+ hours per week.”

“I want to find the best people who believe AI can change things. Team building is my top focus right now.”

“The future is AI agents for recruiting, sales, coaching – automating tasks people spend money on today.”

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