Enterprise Saas and Voice AI: A Founder’s Journey| Van West

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Van West is the CEO and Founder of Vocalytics and one of the founding members of The Open Voice Network.

The origin story for Vocalytics started two-and-a-half years ago, although the business started officially about a year-and-a-half ago. 

Van got into marketing in his early twenties. By his mid-twenties, he had worked for several start-ups. He got tired of the marketing side of the business, however, and wanted to step more into active business development and a sales role and have more influence on building an actual business. Van discovered that his calling was to build companies. Over the last ten to twelve years, he has raised some venture, brought some products to market, built solutions, built consumer, and then built enterprise. He loved going into the enterprise space over the last six years. Specifically as an enterprise SAAS person and providing value at the top tier of the industry.

Five or six years ago, Van had a lot of success. He was the first key hire into a computer vision start-up where they essentially took dumb security cameras and made them smart. 

Part of the origin story of Vocalytics happened several years ago. Van realized when integrating with security cameras that most of the cameras had an embedded microphone on board. But nobody was accessing that data or putting it to use, even though the technology was available and accessible. Currently, there are more than two billion security cameras in the world. And connected microphones are embedded in security cameras everywhere. Vocalytics got started with Van looking for ways to leverage that data for enterprise intelligence. 

Van considers it to be enterprise SAAS when you are selling to companies the size of Fortune 1 in Arkansas. When dealing with those big companies, Van has had most of his experience driving seven to eight-figure deals over the last five or six years.

Clubhouse has added a lot of value to the market by taking widely available technology and creating an app and a platform for people to broadcast themselves as thought leaders and engage in conversations with incredible individuals. Van has not had much time to dive into it himself, however. 

Vocalytics is a very solutions-oriented company, and they fit into specific use-cases as buckets. Their technology turns dumb noises into intelligent sounds. They use machine learning and artificial intelligence in different ways to classify the background noise and clean it up. They have a portfolio of over 500 ambient and acoustic sounds in their library to help them understand behaviors and activities and the environments in which the sounds occur.

At Vocalytics, they focus on integrating with security cameras to produce safety and security moments. And to accurately interpret, understand and classify those safety and security moments in real-time.

Vocalytics got built with privacy as a human right. Privacy is a fundamental pillar of how they architected all of the company. They keep their processing local and run tiny ML to keep their data secure. 

Van sees the market shifting out of facilities and into the home in the future. 

Van feels that you’re not establishing a baseline unless you are having an organic interaction. That allows you to measure how successful an interaction was, improve it, and coach around it. 

Van’s experience in enterprise SAAS has been going into prop tech, integrating with the physical world infrastructure to extrapolate value from artificial intelligence and machine learning, and leveraging those technologies to extract value from existing assets, and managing his customers’ expectations.

Vocalytics has started to hit their stride in understanding that the market, the world, and the society we are living in today have to be built towards the new normal and not the normal that we all grew up in. So they spent much of the last year working on customer development. 

Vocalytics has an opportunity right now to provide some incredible value for the health, safety, and security of the world we’re living in-Covid and beyond, and branching out into customer experience later on down the line.

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