Eliminate Cold Calls and Boost Revenue: Sales Tips from Jeffrey Gitomer Founder of Buy Gitomer

Ryan sits down with sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer to discuss his secrets for long-term success. With over 25 years of experience, 13 bestselling books, and 2,500+ corporate events under his belt, Gitomer shares invaluable insights on leveraging social media, AI, and unwavering consistency to boost sales and build a thriving business. 

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  • Consistently post valuable content and testimonials on social media to attract customers instead of making cold calls
  • Leverage AI to organize and distribute your content, making it easily accessible to salespeople seeking advice
  • Invest time in yourself by reading, writing, thinking, preparing and creating during the first hour of each day
  • The top 1% of salespeople love what they do, maintain a great attitude, and genuinely believe in their company and products
  • Provide social proof and focus on the customer’s needs rather than giving lengthy demos or pitches
  • Embrace AI as a tool to eliminate poor salespeople while enabling the best to provide even greater value to customers
  • Develop a strong online presence across multiple platforms to maximize reach and impact


“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.”

“If you have content, you’re going to win. If you don’t have content, you’re not going to win. Just that simple.”

“AI is going to eliminate shitty salespeople and the good ones will capture it, take advantage of it, use it in everything that they do and be able to provide value to the customer in a way that’s higher than ever before.”

“This is your time. Invest time in yourself and your business so that you can reap the reward, not make the payment.”

“There’s no second place for sales. It’s you either win or you have nothing.”

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