Decisiveness, Retention & AI: Keys to Growth with Andrew Kahl CEO of Back Box

Ryan is joined by Andrew Kahl, CEO of Back Box, a network and security automation company. Learn Andrew’s tips for decisive decision-making and ensuring product-market fit when starting from zero as well as his views on customer retention and strategic alignment. Andrew also gives his perspective on today’s economic uncertainty, longer sales cycles, and investments in AI.

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  • A traumatic childhood experience with his father losing his job fuelled Andrew’s motivation to start companies and be in leadership roles.
  • Decisiveness and ensuring your solution solves an existing problem with a sizable market are critical when going from zero to one product.
  • Strategically aligning your product roadmap based on user feedback builds sustainability and retains customers.
  • Despite economic uncertainty, Back Box is still seeing deals happen, though with longer sales cycles lately.
  • Andrew sees AI as an early-stage technology and wants to ensure it won’t compromise infrastructure before implementing.


“I remember going to bed that night thinking when I’m older, I’m never going to let somebody else dictate my future.”

“If you create something because you think it’s cool, but there’s no problem out there…you’re going to find a lot of frustration.”

“How you take care of [customers] is critically important…that should be the long tail of the relationship.”

“I don’t want to implement something just because it’s popular or everybody else is doing it.”

“I’ve been having fun with chat GPT…I created a silly little poem the other day and it’s pretty cool too.”

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