Current AI Innovations and Challenges with Ryan Collier Host of The Chat GPT Report Podcast

Ryan interviews Ryan Collier, host of The Chat GPT Report podcast. They dive into the latest AI trends, discussing the potential of MidJourney and Twitter’s partnership, the pros and cons of Microsoft Copilot and Google’s AI ecosystem, and the future of AI hardware like Brilliant Labs’ glasses!

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  • MidJourney and Twitter’s partnership could revolutionize user experience by integrating powerful image generation capabilities directly into the platform.
  • Microsoft Copilot and Google’s AI ecosystem are neck-and-neck in the race to dominate the office productivity space with native AI integration.
  • Brilliant Labs’ AI glasses prioritize sleek design and user experience, potentially outshining competitors like Apple’s Vision Pro.
  • The future of AI hardware lies in finding the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, and privacy concerns.
  • Successful AI products will focus on seamless integration into users’ daily lives and solving real-world problems.
  • The AI industry is rapidly evolving, with smaller companies challenging tech giants in the race to develop game-changing products.
  • Podcasting in the AI space offers a wealth of diverse perspectives and insights from experts across various industries.
  • The construction industry has significant potential for AI integration, but adoption may be slower compared to other sectors.


“I’m very excited, Google Glass 10 years ago tried it, but they did not have the backing of large language models to combine into it because back then it was basically was doing Google searches for you with the glasses right now, there’s much more information that can go into these things and it’s, it’s exciting”

“I work in construction. That’s, that’s my day job. I’m a sales rep for a construction company and being in the AI space where, with the podcast, we have to kind of keep up with stuff where things are happening every week. And then you get back to the construction side and you’re like, we are kind of far behind, you know?”

“There’s going to be multi-billion dollar industries to get you away from your phone, and there’s multi-billion dollar industries that are trying to get you to stay on your phone, and they will not be the same company.”

“I think what I was most impressed with and what I appreciated was more, he kind of gave his team a lot of credit, I was more impressed with that”

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