Crushing Market Leaders One Referral at a Time with Jon Darbyshire CEO and Co-Founder of SmartSuite

Jon Darbyshire is the CEO and co-founder of SmartSuite, a b2b, no code, data management programme that competes with the likes of airtable to become the number 1 tool for business!

Within the first week of launching, Jon and his team brought in over 400 paying customers and growth has continued on this trajectory for the next 3 years. He talks to Ryan all about how he made this happen and the steps you can take to leverage his knowledge and replicate his success.


  • Jon previously founded Archer Technologies which he then sold for $200 million cash buyout! He then retired but couldn’t stay away from the start-up world for long and that’s how SmartSuite was born.
  • SmartSuite doesn’t have a single marketing person on their team, their growth has simply been down to virality, mainly through videos that existing customers have created.
  • SmartSuite is a no-code platform that helps businesses manage any process or project inside their organisation.
  • Jon and his team took a partner and affiliate model approach to marketing and growth. This is due to the experience Jon gained from running his previous software company.
  • SmartSuite receives a lot of leads from freelancers and small firms and although each of them only produces a few leads each, the volume overall is very high. SmartSuite are now focusing on the higher-level clients to try and replicate this lead gen on a bigger scale.
  • SmartSuite is so confident in its product that they don’t ask clients for exclusivity, they actively encourage clients to use its competitors.
  • SmartSuite spent 3 years developing their core product, focusing particularly on millennial and GenZ workflow, so they could compete with the big competition already out there.
  • One of SmartSuites challenges is with their free users, they had to carefully think about how to incentivise them to more to the paid plan by creating the right amount, but not too much friction with the free service whilst also understanding why they might not be switching.


“Over the last three months you have had 3000 customers”

“We basically become a work management system for businesses that help them manage activities across all their different employees”

“A lot of the times we were selling to an account but also communicating and selling to a partner that was also going to be doing the implementation”

“The freelancers and small consulting firms have created a lot of leads on the SMB side”

“That’s ballsy man, I love it”

“Our number one goal is to get people’s hands on a keyboard so they can make up their own minds”

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