Creatively Applying AI in Your Business with Aaron Schoenberger of Soteria Intelligence

Aaron Schoenberger is the founder and CEO of Soteria Intelligence an AI software business featured by both the BBC and The Guardian. Aaron has a patent on deep learning based on social monitoring and has been in the AI space for over 5 years. In this episode, he reveals what’s possible right now in the AI space and shares how you can apply these learnings to your business both creatively and effectively.


  • Soteria Intelligence has primarily been self-funded, bootstrapping its way to success.
  • Focusing on inbound sales and how to be content-focused, particularly around social media use, is Soterias main marketing strategy.
  • Soteria team pride themselves on being thought leaders and future-focused and a lot of their growth has been based on the organic publicity surrounding this.
  • Growth has been measured and it’s important to Soteria that they scale intelligently and do things in an agile way.
  • Soterias solution aims to give businesses actionable intelligence and insights to help make their results increasingly better over time.
  • If you can find ways to engage customers highly then you should take these opportunities. Sometimes they may cost you more time or money to capture but in the long term, the relationships you build with that customer are better and will generate more revenue.
  • Google have recently started taking a multi-modal approach to how they display their search results, so using language, audio, video and other factors. This was something Soteria had to overcome when getting their patent, google have validated some of their own research.
  • When Aaron first came up with the concept for Soteria’s solution, many people thought he was a bit crazy, but, over time AI had become more relevant and understood and now he has recognition and validation.
  • One of the challenges Aaron has always had is educating the masses and explaining how their solution has value. He cites Chat CPT as one of the best things to happen for them as it has put AI in the forefront of people’s minds.


“I’m deeply passionate on the b2b side about the customer experience”

“We’ve tried to scale intelligently and not too quickly”

“When you look at behaviours on a very large scale you can start to look at those multi-modal elements and fuse them together to produce the end results”

“Why not engage people and create life-long relationships that generate a lot more revenue in the future”

“Nobody knew what AI was when we launched this, it was a pie in the sky concept”

“Now the masses understand AI, now the masses are interested in AI”

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