Creating the Instagram of Building Maintenance and Management with Paul McCarthy CEO and founder of SnapFix

Paul McCarthy joins Ryan in this episode to talk about his 25+ years of experience in the software industry, including working with the likes of SONY. Paul also talks about founding the maintenance platform SnapFix and how he is creating a universal language that can be used for any software in any language as well as his plans for the future of SaaS.


  • SnapFix’s primary growth strategy is via digital marketing campaigns and outbound dialling to warm leads.
  • SnapFix’s solution creates a simple way for multilingual teams to communicate and collaborate.
  • Initially bootstrapped, SnapFix has now had three successful rounds of funding since 2019.
  • Paul grew up as one of 12 children on a farm in Ireland. He always had an entrepreneurial spirit and after completing a computing engineering degree started to travel across the globe implementing complex solutions including for SONY.
  • In addition to learning about farming from his family, Paul also gained a lot of knowledge about maintaining and managing buildings; this was the foundation for SnapFix.
  • Seeing the many frustrations and barriers, mostly due to bad communication, in the building management industry, Paul was determined to use software to fix it; SnapFix was born.
  • Paul set out to create the simplest maintenance platform and figured that everyone understood images and the traffic light system, so he used these as his workflow foundations for building the software.
  • Paul believes that once you add a form, you create rigidity, to ensure simplicity they avoid forms at all costs.


 “The Instagram for the maintenance and the management of your building”

“The common denominator was WhatsApp, a wonderful solution for chat but wasn’t fit for purpose for getting things done”

“I see the traffic light as the universal symbol of teamwork and everybody understands it”

“We’ve declared war on forms”

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