Creating a SaaS Eco-System with Andrew Ryzhokhin CEO and Co-founder of Ardas

Andrew Ryzhokhin has been in IT and engineering for over 20 years, he co-founded the company Ardas, which started as a software development company but is now moving towards building a productized component eco-system for its clients! Andrew discusses this unique offering with Ryan as well as his experiences in SaaS and how to use outsourcing effectively regardless of the stage your business is in.


  • Go to market strategy us SEO optimisation and events for their b2b customers
  • Ardas is creating an ecosystem, based on its wealth of products and experience, to allow its clients to focus on their unique SaaS features and utilise everything from product development to user management.
  • Andrew has worked with a large variety of marketing agencies and freelancers in his time, Ardas have an in-house team to eliminate previous pain points he has dealt with previously.
  • The stage you are in as a business has a direct impact on how you should approach creating and managing an offshore development team. In early stages, you can have less specialised roles but as you grow you need more people focused on specific things.
  • Video feedback from customers is one of the ways that Ardas operate referrals. It has significant conversion for them, particularly when compared to their SEO leads.
  • Building trust with your clients is a big challenge but one that has reaped rewards for Ardas.


 “I could write a book based on my experience with different marketing agencies and freelancers”

“You need to test and match your requirements with what you are obtaining”

“You need somebody who will drive development from your side as well, you can’t leave it to outsourcing”

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