Can you use Openai’s GPTs to Replace Humans?

Ryan wanted to give a quick update on one of the single biggest opportunities of the AI world right now. Ryan outlines the new capability and what this can mean for your deliverables including key examples where he has used it.

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  • GPTs are categorised by different areas, including trending, giving you the ability to understand which ones are performing better than others.
  • Ryan enabled three different plug-ins and gave each one clear instructions on what he wanted it to do.
  • You can stack multiple GPTs in one workflow that you would ordinarily have to hand off to different people.
  • Think about something you work on currently that requires work and output in different areas, this could be a perfect use case.


It’s so simple and so subtle but it’s a really big unlock on what you’ll be able to deliver”

“I just wanted to get this out to you so you could start working on it right now”

“You could use different gpts and have them go through an entire workflow and basically create an output”

“I want you to be ahead of everyone else”

“These are all examples of how you can create a stackable workflow from one piece of information”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

Whale Boss 

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