Building an Emotional SaaS Tool with Drew D’Agostino of Crystal

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Drew D’Agostino of Crystal. Crystal is an emotional intelligence tool that leverages AI to create better conversations with clients, and prospects as well as internally with co-workers. Drew talks to Ryan about how he is approaching the business and what they are doing in the space including the journey to finding the perfect product-market fit and the uniqueness of building a SaaS tool that connects with people on an emotional level.


  • Crystal’s primary go-to-market strategy is b2b which accounts for 75%, 25% comes from its b2c channel
  • Crystal is founded on the truth that people have fundamentally different personalities and that these are strong, observable and measurable
  • Crystal was founded 8 years ago but in the past 2 and a half years Drew and his team have had to pivot and make significant changes, particularly in how it is packaged and sold as a product.
  • Initial inbound leads aren’t a challenge for Crystal, what they have historically struggled with is the middle funnel; taking raw interest from a pool of leads and allocating the right time and sales team to them.
  • There are multiple reasons people would use Crystal which presents a unique challenge when trying to capture use.
  • Investing in SEO was a decision made in 2019 that has paid off for Crystal, for example, they are now one of the top personality tests taken and this generates a lot of leads.


“When people have these differences between one another it can make communication very difficult”

“We’ve been building a 2 and a half-year-old business on top of an 8-year-old product”

“Top of funnel isn’t a problem for us, we really get a lot of inbound interest”

“If you ask 10 random people why they came to Crystal, they’ll generally give you 10 different answers”

“It’s deeply in our DNA, having a SaaS tool that connects with people on an emotional level”

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