Bootstrapping to $10 Million with Customer-Centric Processes with Dmitri Adler of Data Society

 Dmitri Adler is the cofounder of Data Society which is an award-winning AI software and engineering firm serving the enterprise and service sectors. Data Society is one of Ink 5000 fastest growing companies and also one of the top ten ed-tech companies identified by Forbes! They bootstrapped themselves to $10 million using process-driven customer service and AI. Dmitri joins Ryan to discuss how they have achieved all of this and specifically highlights how to collect relevant data and the importance of AI literacy.

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  • The skills and expertise execution of Data Society’s team paired with excellent customer service is why they have such good customer retention.
  • Finding various yet consistent ways to drive value for their clients is one of Data Society’s core values.
  • Processes to quantify customer feedback have been essential, Data Society ensures they do customer evaluation at multiple steps throughout the customers’ journey.
  • Humans are social animals and learning solo can be limiting. If you learn with others, such as your colleagues, it can be a lot more effective.
  • Data Society tailors their programmes to clients’ use cases, ensuring it’s actionable means that it has a higher retention rate; people stick with it.
  • We use AI to either do something by following a pattern or to make a recommendation based on a pattern it has learnt from. So, your organisation needs to be able to collect relevant data to utilise AI effectively.
  • AI is a great impersonator and learning from people but when people can’t discern what is real and what isn’t from AI, that creates a distortion of the world and will lead to bad decisions.


“We’re focused on the enterprise, it’s very much about customer service”

“Customers come back when you do a good job”

“We’ve stuck to our guns in terms of what we’re very good at”

“If you want to use AI you have to have data that it can learn from and that it can utilise in order to tell you something”

“The most dangerous thing about AI is when you don’t know what it is doing, it’s powerful”

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