Blowing Up Your Brand While Prospecting

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Today, I have a really unique insight that I think you'll love, and it's called prospecting while blowing up your brand.

You're probably thinking, “Ryan, what the hell is that? What are you talking about?” Well, one of the really, really unique things as you can see is I've been spending a lot of time investing in creating a show.

There's a lot of people that have done an amazing job of this, who I'm modeling. On LinkedIn, for example, Chris Walker's doing an amazing job with this. Gary Vee did an amazing job with it in a totally different space – more of the social media space.

However, it's all related, and there's a method to the madness. And what's interesting is actually going through this process. There's some really, really low hanging fruit, that whether you're in sales or marketing, you can leverage.

You could be a sales executive, you could be a sales director, you could be a sales VP, you could be a marketing manager – it doesn't matter – you could have a manager’s role or you could even be an entrepreneur, like I am.

What I'm trying to do right now. And one of the things that I've seen out there and it's starting to get echoed by multiple people, is your brand comes first, and then your results second.

One of the beautiful things about having a show that I've seen over the last few weeks – and I'm only a little bit into this – is that by interviewing experts in the space, there's a couple byproducts of that. First, I meet amazing people and I'm learning from those amazing people different unique skills that can complement what I have, and then making unique connections so I can bring more value to you.

And whatever I'm doing, on top of it, I'm getting introduced to new people at a compounded rate. So, I wanted to play this out for you if you're prospecting and you're just sending emails, hammering phones, and you're not getting anywhere.

One of the things I throw out to you is, have you ever thought about having your own show? And what I mean by that is you could set up a simple zoom interview for a prospect and in that interview, what you could do is – let's say you're prospecting or I'll make a real real example, let's say you're prospecting to a CFO, right? And you're a CFO, let's say manufacturing, so CFOs of the manufacturing space, right? And all you do you interview them on zoom like I'm doing right now.

Although I'm talking to myself, but you're like, like my interviews that I'm doing, and you interview your prospects, and you try and understand what their biggest challenges are, how they're overcoming them, how they got to where they were at, and how they accomplished so much in their career. And so think about what's going to happen if you do that? You do that with the CFO in manufacturing, you're going to do it for another CFO of manufacturing. Then you ask them, who else would be great for me to talk to? And then you keep getting referrals for those other people. In doing that, you truly understand every single person that you're prospecting to, and then you put that content out there. So then what happens is other CFOs see that content, and they want to be on your show. And so it's a really compounding virtual effect that you could have. It's really simple. There's not a high cost of barrier with the virtual aspect of this.

On top of it, too, you could just put those videos out, share them with the guests, you could hire someone from like or to cut up the video and do the editing, and it's not very high cost. Then, just continually publish and do it on a consistent basis! You're going to meet amazing people, you're going to build awesome relationships, and you're going to expand your brand and all you're doing is prospecting. And it's not aggressive prospecting. It's really just creating value and connecting other people.

I’m meeting so many new people that are like truly inspiring and have so much knowledge, and that I can relate to and have similar values. And I'm sure if you try that with your prospect, you could do the exact same thing and it doesn't need to be video. You can even do it over audio. Or you could do audio with a podcast or you could even like literally just ask them questions, write down the answers, and then do like a blog post with it or like a short form LinkedIn post. So, I just want to give you a couple ideas to stand out from the clutter. I see people doing that in this space, a lot more higher level.

However, when I see direct B2B sales, I don't see as much of this out there. So I think there's a really unique opportunity for you to take advantage of it, and basically build some amazing relationships while prospecting and blowing up your brand at the same time.

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