3 Questions You Can Ask to Hack Hubspot’s #1 Growth Strategy That Created $1B in ARR

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I am continually fascinated by looking at what billion dollar companies are doing to achieve success. 

When you reach that status, it’s probably pretty certain that they’ve had their share of failures before they achieved that success.

So, anything I can do to shortcut or hack my way to success on the back of their success, then I’m all in.

Today, I’m sharing one of the most counterintuitive hacks I’ve ever seen, and I found it by looking at Hubspot!

Hubspot is probably the #2 Sales CRM, and they are only eclipsed by Salesforce. They recently crossed the $1B ARR mark.

Their traffic sources are:

  1. Content – 6-7%
  2. Google – 24%
  3. Word of Mouth – 30%

Logic creates decisions.

Emotions create action.

You create emotions by your messaging and your relationship with them.

I see companies that:

  1. Have an amazing product
  2. Have a 90% retention rate.
  3. Don’t talk to their customers after selling them a solution.

If you develop a deep relationship with your customers, not just in the initial sales phase, but all the way through the customer lifecycle, then you will get the WOM effect.

The impacts of having these well developed relationships with your customers is:

  1. It will reduce your churn rate.
  2. It will increase your net promoter score.
  3. You will begin to get inbound leads.

Companies will spend more.

The sales cycles will be faster.

Your margins will be higher because they have a relationship with you.

These are the 3 questions of the relationship:

  1. Relationships to people – who are the most important people in their lives and why? (who and why)
  2. Relationships with passions. (What do you like to spend time on outside of work?)
  3. Relationships to the person. (Why do you like that the most?)

Leveraging these 3 questions will allow you to develop much deeper relationships with your clients than anyone else.