$100m+ Chairman on Starting an AI Business Today – Part 2 with Advait Shinde

Join Ryan for part 2 with Advait Shinde, the chairman of GoGuardian. Advait shares his journey of growing his company from zero to over $100 million in just 10 years. He offers invaluable insights on bootstrapping, the power of a strong founding team, and the unlimited potential for businesses to create value in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and AI.

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  • Having a co-founding team with hands-on product and engineering experience is crucial for accurately assessing the complexity of building and marketing a software product from scratch.
  • Entrepreneurs should prioritize building bootstrapped software businesses that require minimal upfront capital, allowing for greater control and flexibility in directing the company’s growth and vision.
  • Self-awareness and reflection are essential for breaking through self-imposed limitations and achieving ambitious goals.
  • The most valuable companies of the future may not exist today, as new markets, services, products, and technologies continue to emerge, presenting near-unlimited opportunities for businesses to provide value to people.
  • Focusing on providing the most value to the most people, especially in the context of rapidly evolving technologies like AI, can lead to immense success and growth.
  • The economic and business landscape should be viewed as an ever-expanding pie with unlimited potential, rather than a fixed, finite pie with intense competition.
  • Embracing the differences between preventing malware on corporate networks and ensuring a safe learning experience for students led to the creation of a purpose-built solution for K-12 education.
  • Rapid iteration and incorporating user feedback on a daily basis were key to building a strong product-market fit and driving the company’s explosive growth.


“We figured if we were able to enable this digital transition to be seamless, that we could do a few things. Firstly, we could take all of the amazing content and learning experiences that exist online and deliver them into the classroom in a way that would increase engagement.”

“If you have that right team, you should be able to first hand build and market and sell a software product from scratch just with a co-founding team. And I think that that’s critical as opposed to, let’s say not having technical or product experience and therefore being sort of obligated to outsource that out to a consulting firm or something like that.”

“Rather than view the world as this sort of fixed pie that everybody’s sort of out competing each other with, I think it’s much more interesting to imagine. The world of possibility that has yet to manifest entirely and in that, I think that there seems to be a near unlimited amount of opportunity.”

“I think the process of really developing more self awareness of your own fear or insecurity or your own tendencies, especially to the extent they’re shaped by your society or family or community or childhood experiences, all of these things sort of come together. Impinge a set of constraints on you. And so developing an understanding of that self awareness of that, I think allows you to pretty reliably break through those limitations.”

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