$0 to $9 Million in 2 Years with Alex Levin Founder and CEO of Regal.io

Ryan Staley interviews Alex Levin, co-founder and CEO of Regal.io, who shares his incredible journey of scaling his company from zero to $9 million in just two years. Discover the secrets behind Regal.io’s success and learn valuable insights on founder-led sales, creating urgency in your team, and the importance of failing fast and iterating quickly.

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  • Founder-led sales can significantly impact the early stages of a start-up, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer needs and faster growth.
  • Creating a sense of urgency and accountability within your team is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and driving progress.
  • Embrace failure and iterate quickly by testing small ideas with customers to gain valuable feedback and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Personalize customer experiences using first-party data to build trust and differentiate your brand in a competitive market.
  • Leverage AI and automation tools to enhance customer engagement while maintaining a human touch for high-value interactions.
  • Invest in building strong relationships with co-founders who have complementary skill sets to divide responsibilities and tackle challenges efficiently.
  • Focus on understanding customer needs and building the smallest viable solution to gain traction and validate your product.
  • Continuously engage with customers through various touchpoints, such as personal interactions and branded calls, to create a cohesive brand experience.


“We went from zero to a million in AR in six months. Then we hit 3 million in the first year, 9 million by the end of the second year.”

“Brands that see that personal interaction is yet just another touch point, an important touch point. That’s part of the cohesive experience with a customer. We’re going to succeed. Brands that don’t are going to go by the wayside.”

“The successful companies are the ones that set it up so they can constantly be failing on small things and iterating and moving forward.”

“Imagine like my wife’s friend who runs a little business where she’s an Allstate agent. She in her town knows everybody and she knows everything about them and their kids and their pets and their whatever. And the reason she does so well is because when somebody walks in, she really cares about them.”

“I think using founder-led sales for a while really does have an impact, making sure that you’re sort of really understanding what the need is.”

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