$0-$50 Million by Unlocking the Secrets to Product Market Fit with Adam Robinson Founder and CEO of Retention

Adam Robinson is the founder and CEO of Retention, a platform built to increase retention, re-engage audiences and 10x abandonment revenue. He joins Ryan to talk about finding the sweet spot in a marketplace, how he took Retention from 0 to $50 million in 3 years with zero funding and the secrets to finding the perfect product market fit.


  • Starting to build a Shopify app that focuses on large stores
  • An agency partnerships operation has been essential in Retention’s growth generating around 40% of their leaders
  • Finding a COO that understood his vision, had in-depth knowledge was a good culture fit and had a complimentary skill set to his own helped Adam scale Retention to the numbers it has today
  • Retention offers two main solutions, to build your email list 20% faster and to capture the missed abandoned cart traffic.
  • Being able to capture an email address from a person’s visit to a website was something Adam wanted to solve, it took him 18 months and started as a feature in his existing company but became so popular that he took it to then build the company Retention.
  • There is a higher rate of churn with smaller companies using Retention’s products but Adam puts that down to being unable to show a major ROI impact with smaller numbers.
  • Not targeting larger companies at the beginning was a mistake for Adam and his team, it was incorrect for them to assume that bigger companies wouldn’t want to use their product.
  • Take your top 20% ICP, look at the outliers there and then find an approach that will work for these, this will help you scale.
  • You have to be open to the idea that your product might not be right, you have to be willing to give up and start again to get the right product-market fit, to rebuild and reinvent.
  • If you can deliver the right amount of value then your customers will keep paying you, over and over.


“Affiliate and influencers are a really important channel if you have a product like ours that’s new and doesn’t have competitors”

“There’s no situation that can possibly fluster this dude”

“You immediately understood the value of this, when I said I could give you the email address of people who don’t fill out forms”

“Market it fit is really intuitive value understanding”

“Live with that uncertainty, I have sold a product that sucks, I’ve sold a product that’s ok and I’ve sold a product that’s great”

“They’re easy to sell value to because they want value”

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