Why Everyone Needs 2 Dream 100s

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It is a simple concept, but some upfront work needs to get done. Using this method, I tripled my results, working twenty percent less time.

1)The Customer Dream 100: 
These are the perfect customers that you can serve at the highest level.
These are the customers that will pay you the most.
You will make the most margin.
You will be ecstatic about it!

The brand recognition in a vertical:

Many companies are good logos to have. You have the revenue aspect of what the value is to the business financially, and you also have what the value means to the business from a reputation perspective. 

These don’t have to be the biggest and best companies. There is often a niche, and within that niche is a sub-vertical market or sub-niche. And within that, there are peers that everyone looks up to for understanding because they are leaders, and people want to be like them. 

Retail is a vertical where many people got hit by the recession, but there are many different types of retail, like apparel, grocery, small format, and large format. There are many sub-niches within those sub-niches, so you can choose to focus on the organization within that sub-niche that is viewed as the best. 

Whole Foods, for example, were not the biggest in terms of the number of stores during the Covid crisis, and yet Whole Foods had one of the highest reputation standards within that vertical even though they were not the biggest company in that vertical. 

It’s not always the size. It could be the reputation. So you need to map things out and be hyper intentional about focusing on those sub-niches, especially as you are growing your business.

2) Who else is supporting and serving your non-competitive dream customer:

You can look at that in two ways:
You can look at it on social and work out how to align with those people. You can comment and be highly active in their posts because their messaging and posts are often there to support and serve the same customers that you have.
There are also referrals and lead sharing with colleagues and partners. I am working on creating a syndicate of people who sell and serve complementary solutions to the same customers that I do. That means that we could work together and cross-share referrals, references, and opportunities. The beauty in it is that it gets done through the light of service because you are trying to help and serve that customer at the highest level. One of the best ways for a company to convert sales is through referrals, and that is a way to systemize that.

By focusing on both of those ways at the same time you can exponentially increase your results, your revenue, your growth, and how you serve your customer.

I am also working on a free resource to help you identify how to create a warm lead machine that is stimulating your customer base.

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