Who…Is Preventing Your Freedom?

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Who is preventing your freedom? 

I recently read a book called by Dan Sullivan, the Founder, and CEO of Strategic Coach. I read the book because I was resisting letting go of some things that I usually handle in my business. Who Not How

The book is all about finding your ‘who’ for what you are not good at doing or don’t like, or the tasks that rob you of the energy that you need for the tasks that you do amazingly well.

The book covers four main things:
Freedom of time
Freedom of money
Freedom of relationships
Freedom of purpose

The key takeaway I have is that .time is not money, but time creates money

You can gain by hiring someone else to do the tasks that have to get done but suck the life out of your soul. By hiring someone, you will free up a significant number of hours for yourself each month, and you will be paying them less than you earn for the output you produce. The return on buying back your time at a discount is exponential.freedom of time

You can gain by taking off a certain number of hours each week and applying a percentage of them back to work. If you apply those hours to the top ten percent of your needle-moving activities, they will give you much, much higher results for your business.freedom of money

You can spend some of the hours that you did not apply back to your work and managed to save on building your relationships with friends and loved ones. 

You can dedicate the rest of those saved hours towards your purpose, which might be volunteering for something that you believe in and feel passionate about.

It will take you some time to manage the people you hire to do the individual components or pieces. So you need to think it through and set it up so that it will give you a six-inch putt and take you 95 percent of the way there. Then you can make your final decisions. It will change your life exponentially!                 

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