What’s the Best Way to Bootstrap a Company To $10 Million ARR with Lloyed Lobo Boast AI

Lloyed Lobo is the founder of Boast AI. He scaled from zero to $10mil+ and all with no investment! Lloyed created an entire community, utilising this community for growth and now has written a book about it. He talks to Ryan about how you can grow and lead a movement from scratch and then leverage it for your next opportunity and gives an amazing breakdown of how to bootstrap your way through building a business, avoiding giving up your freedom and equity to investors. 

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  • Entrepreneurship is all about taking something from nothing and dealing with risk and uncertainty to create a positive outcome
  • After the advice from an entrepreneur, Lloyed took a sales job to learn the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • One of the best ways to bootstrap a company to $ 1 million plus ARR is to sell a service.
  • Lloyed first started the company from his bedroom, he had to get very good at communicating with his customers and learning exactly what they wanted. They didn’t have anything else they could rely on.
  • When starting out, talk to your customers to find out what their pain points are and discover what they need. You need to do things that are manual and won’t scale in the beginning.
  • Think about the bigger picture and the wider purpose of your product, connect with your customers and help enable their success.
  • Utilise other people’s credibility and brand reputation by collaborating with them.
  • Get back to basics with your marketing and branding, simple can be very effective especially if you utilise tried and tested methods.


“You attract the energy you give out”

“I used to procrastinate on everything”

“Everything you do as an entrepreneur is all communication”

“You won’t know exactly what to build if you don’t do the work manually…do things that don’t scale in the beginning”

“You’re asking about the problem, not the solution”

“Building a service is a great way to bootstrap it”

Ryan Staley

Founder and CEO

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