Using AI to Power Your Processes with Three-Time Founder Vinay Patankar of Process Street

Vinay Patankar is a three-time founder, including Process Street, an AI-powered process management platform that started with a workflow product. Vinay shares his experience of being a digital nomad for 10 years and how it inspired him to create Process Street. Ryan and Vinay also talk about the democratization of AI and the biggest value they think it will add to businesses.

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  • Vinay began working as a digital nomad, doing this meant he had to create his own work as remote working wasn’t really a thing yet. He began creating a series of internet companies including SEO sites and selling other services.
  • When he had 20 people on his team, Vinay started to feel overwhelmed by the management aspects, it became a personal pain and that’s what led to the creation of Process Street.
  • A lot of AI products that are and will continue to be launched are to make repetitive processes more efficient or higher quality.
  • Humans don’t like doing repetitive work but it is required for human prosperity, this is how AI can aid us.
  • Human quality control and unique creativity are not things AI can replicate but most other things can be automated.
  • HR, finance and real estate are the three main industries Vinay aids with his products.
  • Process Street is similar to a lot of collaboration platforms but its main difference is Process Street has a builder and collaborator user model.


“Why isn’t there a software that does this for me, it felt like what I was doing was very repetitive”.

“The biggest value AI is going to add is the execution of these repetitive processes”

“I see it as just another form of automation”

“You can manipulate data in interesting ways”

“We don’t want to be creative in these scenarios, there are parts of businesses and types of businesses where you don’t want that creativity”

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