Tyler Kemp- How to Get 10x the ROI on Your Leads

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Tyler Kemp is a sales leader and CEO that has spent his career helping a lot of people make a lot of money! Other than that, he’s just a normal guy! That is, if a normal guy sits on the board of a $16 billion company!

Tyler launched IntentFlow and he has dealt with the largest lead gen of any company he’s ever worked with.

Failure paved the way for Tyler’s success, and he’s had some valuable lessons from his Founder journey.

Everything Tyler has done with IntentFlow has been bootstrapped. He had to learn the hard way what would and would not convert. He learned that he couldn’t just outmarket a lame offer.

Tyler had to learn that demand generation is the only way to do things at scale, and he really struggled with demand generation.

Later when Tyler built Lead Roll, he had to learn how to solve the SDR puzzle with the “closer system”. 

His failures with Lead Roll were:
What is it really?
He didn’t define what his product was – he just did whatever he could to generate revenue.
The market has to decide what your product becomes. Don’t put your product in a box.
He realized companies needed way more help than they were providing to really be successful. So he had to raise his prices and provide more services to get the results.
Firmographic leads have about 97% waste. They had to solve for volume and move away from all the firmographic leads and sacrifice data for actual behaviors.

At IntentFlow, they figured out how to identify the demographic details of the person searching for information. (Datalake, Identity Graph, Bitstream Data) he has partnerships with these SSP’s he is able to match search based behaviors with all of the identifying data for that behavior. It’s completely cookie-less. 

They are able to reduce CPC costs by almost 100% and the best part of it is that they have a performance guarantee, so they don’t get paid if the leads don’t perform.

This is a great option since pixels are going away! So if companies are buying leads from traditional data sources, this is a huge win.

Tyler has found that most companies don’t really have a targeted profile for their ideal customer. By solving for identity, you can then retarget in perpetuity instead of just 7 days with a traditional pixel.

The leads IntentFlow provides can be used in both inbound and outbound marketing.

Tyler says in order to scale:
Understand your average market rate to acquire a customer.
Reduce your cost to acquire to below cost per lead, you set yourself up to scale.
Better targeting will reduce your inbound and outbound cost per lead.





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