The Secret Design of a $300M Exit

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I’ve been having a lot of conversations with tech founders and CEOs as I try to understand the VC world more.

In the beginning, most founders just want funding. That’s all they need.

The business news cycle would have you believe that virtually every company is a unicorn and gets massive amounts of funding.

However, I want to give you a case study of a $300M exit so that you can understand the mechanics behind the numbers.

The numbers behind this case study are very telling. 

Things you need to know as a Founder:

  1. Only 3% of companies make it through to get another round of funding
  2. VCs put in only about 10% of the investment up front
  3. VCs get 15% interest in the entire investment YOY
  4. VCs expect 3x,3x,2x,2x returns in each of the next 4 years
  5. VCs walk away with almost 2000% ROI
  6. Most founders get fired within 2 years of VC investment

If you are seeking VC funding for your startup, you should:

  1. Do your research
  2. Numbers don’t lie – understand what the expectations are
  3. Know what you are getting into – the shelf life of a CEO is less than 3 yrs.

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