The More Button

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I have been berating myself about how much more I should be doing and how much harder I should be working, even though I have been working 7 days a week for weeks on end now. 

When you are trying to do really big things, we all have different coping mechanisms. I tend to be one who takes the bull by the horns and powers through everything.

I eventually realized that I couldn’t do or give anymore. I just didn’t have anything else to give.

So, I consciously made a choice to pull back. 

I slept a little later the next morning. I got the rest my body needed. I gave myself a break.

Amazing things happened when I did that. 

I was more focused and creative. I was a better Father and husband. I had more drive and passion for what I loved doing and it made such a difference.

My point is that you can’t always just smash the more button and get more out of yourself. 

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