The Invisible Balance Sheet of the Enterprise Sales Summit

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So, today, I wanted to share with you the invisible balance sheet that goes with creating an event like the Enterprise Sales Summit. These are the things that are separate from the revenue that an event creates, but they are just as beneficial to a business. These are the things that are rarely talked about.

I’ll be honest, these past few months, I have been a bad husband and at times a bad Father, and it was all because I knew I had to finish this project.

We had over 1500 people sign up for the event and we got great feedback on the event and the value that was provided.

About 8 years ago, I had an experience when my team fired me! I was working all the time and grinding every minute, but there was a toll that it was taking on my team. I was crabby all the time and it wasn’t fun for anyone to work with me. So, my team got moved to another division and I had to build a new team from scratch.

In retrospect, this was such an amazing move for my career, but I hated it at the time. But through the tough process of grinding and building a new team, I built a skill set and figured out solutions that I would have never understood had I not gone through that time.

So, here are the invisible balance sheet from

  • I was able to serve 1500 people at a high level.
  • I was able to get 29 different perspectives from the best and brightest in the market.
  • I can now take the things taught in the summit to serve at a higher level.
  • I have built relationships with some of the highest performing people in the industry.
  • I was able to develop relationships with partners and sponsors.
  • I know the market infinitely better now.
  • I have been interviewed for podcasts, books and even been asked to contribute as a writer.
  • I got so much brand equity from this event.

My huge takeaway:

  • I would have worked on my brand more and networked more with other brands.

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