The Importance Of The Human Experience In Sales – with Chris Beall

For the past thirty years, Chris Beall has been participating in software startups, with a focus on consistently creating, and taking to market, products that are successful from the get go.

Chris join Ryan to talk about his incredible success in the start up field, how he contributed towards the growth and sale of countless companies, and the value of the human being at the centre of every experience.

Selling is about pinpointing what we’re all about, not just about what somebody’s words are about. We must appeal to the elements that connect us.
Sales are a conversation between two human beings that works best when it flows organically and allows for a deeper level of connection.
Technology and humanity can compliment each other in wonderful ways, but only if we think about it carefully and design it carefully.
People dominate markets by talking to everybody before their competitors have talked to anybody.


‘The most powerful part of any software system is the human being that we inappropriately call “the user”‘

‘Working with animals, you get to learn how to sell at a level that’s universal’

‘Everybody I talk to who does big numbers in sales, tends to have sold door-to-door at some point in their life’

‘I have this obsession with people’


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