The Hyper Personalised Ad Experience With Eric Frankel

Prior to founding AdGreetz, Eric Frankel was President of Warner Bros. Domestic Cable Distribution. While running a $1 billion a year division he created advancements in new technologies such as on-demand video, high definition quality and online distribution. He also created and successfully launched the first-ever broadband Internet network, In2TV.

In this week’s show, Ryan and Eric look very closely at the constantly evolving world and benefits of targeted advertising.


The formal education system is lacking in terms of training the next generation of business leaders. The best way to grow and develop these people is through practical experience.
Target the relevent channels for your product – hyperpersonalisation.
Know what the world wants before the rest of the world wants nefore your competitors and then getting the best team together to sell that idea.
Building the right team is the most important thing. Mentorship is one key to success.



‘Rather than looking for that skip ad button or delete, you’re going to pay attention’

‘I’ve embraced things in my career thet no-one embraced or understood for a long time’

‘My favourite tool is our CTO –  he’s actually worth a dozen or two dozen people’

‘I don’t want you to work for free because the sandwhiches are fifteen bucks’



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Eric Frankel is the CEO and founder of AdGreetz, the industry’s leading video personalization tech platform that is disrupting the $628b advertising marketplace by empowering brands worldwide to build stronger relationships with customers and to easily increase engagement 5X-7X and activation 2X-3X by producing and deploying thousands (or millions) of smart, hyper-personalized, data-driven, relevant, video and display ads and messages (versus a generic, much less-activating version) on 26 channels, optimized by AI/machine learning in real time.

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Ryan is a Founder, Podcast Host, Speaker, Loving Father, Husband and Dog Dad. He is a 18x award winner and grew a business unit from 0-$30M in Annual Recurring Revenue while he adding $30M in capital revenue in less than 6 years.  He did this all with only 4 sales people and without demand generation.  

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