The Gain or the Gap?

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Sometimes how you view something further down the road is different than how you viewed at the time. 

Sometimes, we can only focus on what is wrong (the gap), we can’t truly be thankful for all the positives that have come out of the circumstances (the gain). 

This year of 2020 is so easy to view in terms of the gap – all the things we didn’t get to do this year and even the normal things that were taken away from us.

So why not focus on what you did gain because of these changes in 2020. You’ve probably had more family time. You’ve probably spent more time with your spouse than ever before.

Maybe you’ve been forced to be more mindful and more introspective.

If you train your brain to only focus on the gain, then you begin to level up and only focus on the positive outcomes. It’s a monumental shift in your thinking patterns, but it will revolutionize the way you think. Suddenly, your life will be immensely better by shifting your thinking to the gain perspective.

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