The Foundation that 3x’d the Forecast Over the Past 12 Months | Sam McKenna

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Sam got her competitive spark when she raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in sixth grade and got second place in her county. Ever since then, she has been driven to make sure she never got second place again.

Sam spent a decade in the webinar technology space, and the challenges she ran into while doing that helped her to grow.

The thing that led to Sam getting started in sales was the grit and the hustle. When she got promoted, her CEO said she could take three currently existing accounts with her. She looked at who were some of their biggest spenders that had the smallest penetration in terms of a vertical. She found three of the largest law firms working with the company and met with their COMs. She asked them what worked for them and why they used her company. Then she took that value proposition and went bananas on that vertical. 

She also leveraged the power of LinkedIn after getting an excellent referral.

Many people who use advisors want access to their advisor’s network. That works for Sam because it helps build the trust factor.

When it comes to sales and selling, Sam’s ninja skill is her EQ, which is off the charts. She is in tune with what people’s body language, verbal cues, and reactions mean, and how they will perceive something. And that helps her with her sales positioning. 

Her EQ has also helped her from a leadership perspective.

Sam shares some of the things in her EQ mental checklist when she assesses people. They are:
What she should know about them.
What questions she should be asking.
What’s been going on in their lives.
What she knows about them in terms of their personal information.

Doing some research on the people that you are going to meet with, and arriving with some pre-prepared questions, helps Sam set the tone for a different kind of conversation. That also helps to break the ice.

When meeting new candidates, she looks at what they have done in preparation and their EQ. She also wants to hear the exact processes of how they achieved their successes.

When Sam started her business, she set an aggressive revenue goal for it to hit. The business ended up with about four or five clients at the end of 2019, and at the end of 2020, they had 55 clients and hit 312% of the revenue goal that Sam had set. And now, before the end of month one, they have already reached 20% of their entire revenue goal for this year, and they have just signed their 58th client!

Sam’s advice if you want to leave your current business, and make a go of a side hustle, is to make sure that you build a great brand for yourself. And even if you’re not good at selling, you will need to follow a process, sell yourself, your technology, and your services. If you can’t sell, hire someone to sell for you.

Getting her message out via LinkedIn worked exceptionally well for Sam when building her brand.

People want to hear from you, and they care about what you have to say. They will show you that with their engagement. Sam started by creating a hashtag, #Sam Sales.

Sam recommends that you give back to the community because then they will give back to you.

Sam's number one best way to get more customers is by asking for referrals in the right way.

Sam gets her current customers to spend more money with her by doing check-ins with them for up to 120 days after the sale.

Sam increases the frequency with which her customers buy from her by following her built-in sales process and by following up. And she protects her time by qualifying the opportunities that she chases. 

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