The Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence with Sindhu Joseph

In this episode, Ryan talks to Sindhu Joseph, the founder & CEO at CogniCor. Sindhu is an author, speaker, advisor and also has a Ph.D in AI along with holding 6 patents. Ryan and Sindhu discuss the power of AI, how it is gaining traction in all industries and what they expect to happen in the future. 


CogniCor’s digital assistants have a deeper understanding of customer queries; they help in faster resolution and assist customers in making the right product choices. CogniCor’s CIRA platform is constantly learning and developing. It understands your business and engages your clients on their terms, while delivering conversational AI interactions that are easily understood and efficient.
As the technology advances, the use of AI has proved how valuable it is in alleviating inhuman workloads as well as the augmenting of existing systems.
Every system is only as good as the data it has to work on. Eliminating ‘the human factor’ as much as possible is key to cutting ineffectiveness.
Businesses are now faced with the difficult choice of investing in high cost data science as opposed to low cost call centres. As the technology is improving at an expidential rate, that choice is becoming far simpler.
When teaching a mainstream mission learning AI system, it uses massive amounts of historical data to learn from. The side effect of this is that it takes on biases and predjudices that become permanent.



“Seven billion? Doesn’t that mean they just kind of suck at what they’re doing to have seven billion complaints?”

‘”There are inefficiencies in every large organisation. Sometimes it’s very evident, sometimes it’s not”

 “If there’s no external forces, I don’t think any business would adopt AI or any change for that matter.”

“People are afraid that if they make the wrong decision, they are going to get fired. It’s easier to do nothing”



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