The Altman Effect: Unveiling OpenAI’s 2024 Game-Changer

Ryan gives his thoughts on the recent OpenAI fiasco including the firing of CEO Sam Altman. He talks about the impact he thinks this will have as well as revealing the reasons behind the firing of Sam Altman. Ryan also talks about how to create a business that isn’t over-reliant on one AI model and the steps you can take to protect yourself operationally.

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  • After being fired by OpenAI, Sam was offered a job in AI research at Microsoft.
  • Shortly after he was fired, 700 of the 800 OpenAI employees issued a letter to the board threatening to quit.
  • Ryan believes Sam was fired due to safety. That risks were identified, and Sam wasn’t open and communicative about these.
  • Some companies are already heavily reliant on OpenAI and if they were to fold or go bust this would impact them severely.
  • It’s essential to not rely on one AI model for your business as many scenarios could negatively impact your business, exactly like the situations currently occurring because of the OpenAI issues.
  • Create a prompt library so if you have to pivot from one AI model to another you have all your data and research to hand to use across any language model.
  • If you are looking at leveraging anything AI internally then make sure you leverage the best capabilities of various AI models.
  • Evaluate where you are at with your current use and dependency on particular AI models, including tools.
  • Create solutions moving forward that leverage an agnostic approach towards models.
  • Understand the differences between closed-source and open-source AI models, effectively leveraging what will work best for you.


We still don’t truly understand the reason and know why”

“Sounds like Microsoft still want to work with OpenAI”

“There’s talk of customers trying to pull out, of partners trying to pull out”

“You want to have a model agnostic solution or model agnostic solution to integrating AI”

“We’re early on, this is a highly unregulated environment”

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