Tactics for Hockey Stick Growth Without Being Perfect | Brandon Bornancin

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He realized that he wanted to help every person in the world generate a million dollars in sales. So he took all the money he’d earned from selling and put it into bootstrapping Seamless.AI. 

Of all the companies he has ever done, the online poker company was the easiest and most fun company for Brandon.

Brandon is always thinking of ways to optimize and get better results every day.

His goal is to improve by between one and five percent every day. Doing that generates insane amounts of compound interest.

The most successful sales professionals are always producing. And they do one of two things:
Building extensive lists of the people to whom they are going to sell.
Selling to that list every day.

They don’t try to be perfect. They just go.

You need to identify your ICP, and also your markets, industries, personas, pain points, desires, biggest KPIs, responsibilities, and how to move from your current state to your future state. But you don’t have to spend too much of your time doing that. 

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