Strategic AI Implementation: Tools, Agents, and the Future of Productivity: Part 2 with Jordan Wilson of Everyday AI

In the second part of Ryan’s conversation with Jordan Wilson of Everyday AI, they dive deep into the world of AI tools and agents. From favorite tools like Chat GPT and Cast Magic to exploring the future of AI agents, this episode is packed with insights for businesses looking to leverage AI effectively. Jordan shares his expertise on strategic byproducts, micro GPTs, and the exciting developments in AI from tech giants.

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  • Jordan Wilson uses Chat GPT extensively and recommends Cast Magic for podcasting tasks, praising its ability to run multiple custom prompts simultaneously on audio content.
  • Creating micro GPTs for specific tasks is more effective than trying to build one large GPT to handle multiple functions, ensuring better quality output.
  • Major tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Meta are heavily investing in AI agents, signalling a shift in the future of work towards AI-directed tasks.
  • The adoption of AI agents in businesses is expected to follow a similar pattern to large language models, with early adopters gaining significant advantages.
  • Advancements in GPU technology, particularly from NVIDIA, are driving down compute costs and energy requirements, making AI agents more accessible.
  • The podcast industry is leveraging AI tools for content creation, transcription, and keyword extraction, enhancing productivity and output quality.
  • Strategic byproducts from AI tools, such as creating a “customer Grammarly” from sales call transcriptions, can provide valuable insights for businesses.
  • The future of work may involve skilled workers becoming directors of AI agents, and managing multiple tools across platforms to perform various tasks.


“I’m a huge chat GPT fan. I have been a fan of the GPT technology for a very long time. So I would say that still chat GPT is the most used tool.”

“Instead let’s create, you know, 10 micro GPTs that do the smallest little task, but they do it very, very well. Right. So it’s this balance of productivity and saving time with quality and kind of this granular control.”

“Every single big company in the world is sprinting toward agents because they see that’s kind of the next goldmine, right?”

“I think we’re having similar conversations that we’ve had about large language models and all these AI tools with companies that are implementing agents and those that are not”

“If the adoption rate is, you know, 20 percent for large language models, what do you think the adoption rate is going to be for you know, agents? It’s going to be much lower, right?”

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