Seeding, Selling and Scaling Existing Customers

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I have a 5 step process for seeding, selling and scaling existing customers that I want to share with you. I’ve used this to generate more than $30 million in revenue and you can begin putting it to use immediately to impact your bottom line!
Frequency – Create a defined frequency of when you are meeting with customers once you have onboarded them.
Value – Prospects don’t like to be checked in on. Improve the value you create for the customer, but don’t attempt to re-qualify them with each contact.
Understand – Understand and solve new problems. Each time you take the customer to the next level, you create new problems that you need to provide solutions for.
Seed or Sell – At every single meeting, you should be seeding a new idea or selling a new solution. 
Rate, review and refer – Solicit a rating and review from the customer to give you insight into what the customer is really feeling about your solution.

So much will change about your business if you implement this 5 step framework. I know because I’ve been using this with my clients and it works.

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