Pattern Interrupt Prospecting | Justin Michael

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After having 19 companies trying to hire him at once, Justin decided that he should pursue consulting. He developed sales automation that more resembles text messages than marketing messages, and it’s just had tremendous results. His short burst pattern emails have really disrupted traditional marketing.

He created some guides and it took off like wildfire. He created the world’s first Discord server for sales and he’s helping sales reps and companies at the same time.

Justin is passionate about results, and he’s also incredibly motivated by helping other people to get results. He’s a dabbler and he’s got his fingers in a lot of things.

Justin loves developing sequences and seeing what kind of results he can get. The interesting thing about Justin is that he puts everything he develops out into the world and shows others how to get results too. It’s interesting to watch him hone his craft and be able to help so many people just by doing what he does best.

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