Losing Co-Founders and Building Success Through Culture – with Sunny Han, CEO and Founder of SaaS Platform, Fulcrum

Sunny Han is the CEO and founder of Fulcrum a SaaS manufacturing platform. Whilst building Fulcrum he spent a lot of time doing his due diligence and visited many factories and potential clients before settling on the best final product.

He talks to Ryan openly about the difficulties he has faced in his journey including losing co-founders but also digs deep into what it takes to make success happen.


  • For Fulcrums go to market strategy, Sunny’s team focus on inbound, SDM and STRs that target people very specifically. It’s a low-volume approach but has a high yield.
  • Whether you are a start-up or a large corporate, you only have a limited amount of resources. You must decide what to focus your efforts on.
  • Fulcrum is a SaaS manufacturing platform, it aims to bring both modern & innovative concepts to small and mid-size production companies.
  • From consulting, Sunny not only learnt how to make the product great he also learnt how to build the company for greatness, particularly around culture.
  • Having a high standard as an individual can cause a poor environment for those who work closely with you. Sunny recognises this as one of his biggest mistakes in his early days in business.
  • Conflict helps improve the coverage of tasks that need to be done, it stops things from being missed and prevents mistakes.


 “We just crossed the 4 million ARR threshold at the end of last quarter”

“No matter what stage you’re at, you have a limited amount of resources”

“People buy differently, even if they’re the same types of customers”

“The creation of culture has more to do with removing things than adding things”

“A lot of the time, people fire themselves”

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