Leveraging Digital Solutions to Transform the Real Estate Industry with Matt Weirich of Realync

Ryan is joined by the CEO of Realync, Matt Weirich. Matt talks to Ryan about his journey to founding Realync, a sales enablement solution for leasing teams; allowing them to create their own video tours and more to give them as many tools as possible to make their sales. Matt talks in detail about having to pivot to find the best product-market fit, how he is creating transparency and flexibility in the real estate space as well as the growth Realync has achieved as a side effect of the pandemic.


  • Realync now has a ARR of close to 6 million.
  • They focus on multi-family space property management companies. Running campaigns trying to bring in leads but also relying on outbound sales e.g conferences, networking etc to grow. However, their primary strategy for growth is to expand with existing clients, to do work well for them on one property in hopes of being able to take on more of their portfolio.
  • Matt set out to solve one of the biggest problems in leasing, to be able to show people the property they want, virtually. It’s been a journey but 9 years later they have been able to do this.
  • Initially Realync product market fit wasn’t right, they had to pivot quickly and learn fast.
  • In the early days of founding a business, it can be difficult to know whose advice to listen to, there is always a lot of ‘noise’.
  • Being the ‘new guys’ in the industry, Matt and his team had to build strong relationships and learn everything about the space.
  • 2020 was a pivotal year for Realync, the pandemic meant that people couldn’t do business as usual, in person. The virtual technology they had built allowed businesses to continue to run and they grew by 450% in one year.
  • You learn over time in business where you need to pour your energy. This helps you avoid ‘shiny object syndrome’.
  • The single best thing Matt believes Realync has done is to install an experienced and effective leadership team. It has driven growth forward and allowed him to focus on other things too.
  • Matt believes there are a lot of unknowns for the future of tech, it’s becoming increasingly hard to predict what will happen next.


 “Listen to different people with different ideas”

“Finding the perfect product-market fit was the inflection point”

“There were so many lessons learned over this 9-year journey”

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