Leveraging AI and Combatting Churn in Your SaaS Business with Jonathan Fishbeck Founder and CEO of EstateSpace

Jonathan Fishbeck is the founder and CEO of Estate Space, the no1 cloud software for ultra-high net worth market individuals, to manage non-financial assets. Jonathan is a three-time founder and has been serving the luxury market for over a decade!

Jonathan reveals what led him to decide to serve such a unique market and the challenges he has faced including how they combatted churn. Jonathan and Ryan also talk about how to leverage AI in your SaaS business.


  • Jonathan was surrounded by his family’s business, which dealt with unstructured data on a large scale and took a company from 2 million to a billion dollars in revenue.
  • Recognising how important security was and planning for this was one of the key stages of development for Estate Space
  • Building a beta version of the software allowed Jonathan and his team to figure out what their product needed to look like and whom they were building it for
  • Estate Space offers a marketplace on its platform to support its ecosystem and speed up fulfilment for its clients
  • Estate Space wanted to keep things simple and so chose to be product led and make things as easy as possible for clients
  • The decision to make a legacy product rather than prioritise speed to market was tough but Jonathan feels was the right choice for Estate Space as now they have more control and can completely fulfil their vision.
  • Estate Space has started leveraging chatgpt in everything they do including newsletters in marketing and sales.


“We had a perfect recipe as a services company so we knew the gap in technology”

“We learned in beta what we needed to build for our commercial product and also learned who we needed to build it for”

“We’re selling to people to do business with each other”

“We’re agile so we’re able to help them in the most helpful manner”

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